Utopia x Dystopia

For the Museum Night 2022, another impressive projection mapping was shown at the Dortmunder U. In 2019 for the first time on the west facade, then in 2021 on the west and south facades, this time the entrance area of the east facade was projected. StoryLab kiU staged a story on the Dortmunder U that revolves around the important tasks of the future and their possible consequences.

Due to the projection technology available, the Koproduktionslabor had the opportunity to explore an interplay between live music and real-time visuals on a building façade with Dortmund-based musician eeph. The Museumsnacht and the Dortmunder U, in collaboration with the Koproduktionslabor, thus enabled an innovative exploration of the medium of projection mapping and provided an unconventional stage for an ambitious Dortmund artist. https://www.koproduktionslabor.de/

grafic laurin bürmann
music eeph
production kiu storylab, koproduktionslabor
year 2022

photos by eeph, koproduktionslabor