Devenir Grand Demain

The documentary was realized with the help of the aid organization My voice fot the Poor. The goal was to make a documentary that is told purely from the point of view of the local youth. and to give them with our film a mouthpiece to share their wishes, ideas and hopes. 

In Guinea we met many inspiring young people, who told us their story and their view of their country. The motivation and the goal to strive for a better future and to try to bring their country forward from within, formed the core of the story.

On the one hand, the film serves to motivate the people in Guinea to believe in their country and try to create something there with their energy.

On the other hand, the film also addresses us Europeans to get a deeper insight into the world of thought of the people, who are often perceived here as "poor Africans" or "refugees".

starring cecile sarata sagno, bamo modalfa, mahamoud dialo, kante mohammed, foromo lamah
director miguel temme
co-director jonas borgloh
producer blankpaper
singer ornella nikwasa
sounddesign johannes grote
composer eeph
year 2020