Out There

Hello. Your most recent steps led you here, to this side of the road, to this stop. If you have time to stay for a bit, you may share ideas with us, have conversations, look for a connection. While you're resting, help us imagine. While you're staying, we can create. Before you're leaving, let conversations be songs.

Producers eeph and feverkin finally meet at eeph's home studio in the summer of 2021 to get to know each other, explore their perspectives on sound and composition, and travel through the Western German landscape. They are later joined by vocalist jani for more writing sessions, spontaneous road trips, and bike rides through the streets and parks of industrial Dortmund. Within the following months, the three musicians will complete a four track travelogue reflecting on their time together, their creative process, and the search for connection.

main artist jani eeph feverkin
vocalist jani
instrumentalist eeph feverkin
mastering eeph feverkin
cover artwork jani eeph feverkin
year 2022


photos by eeph, feverkin